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Jellyfish Sightings

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Have you been spotting suspicious looking jellyfish at our beaches? Good news is they are NOT Box Jellyfish. These are most likely to be Jimble Jellyfish. Jimbles, while not a nasty as Box Jellyfish, can still pack a punch. If you or someone else is stung the following first aid steps should be followed: 1. Remove casualty from water 2. DRSABCD 3. Remove any adhering tentacles 4. Wash area with sea water (not fresh water) 5. Place casualties stung area in hot water (as hot as the victim can stand) for 20 minutes 6. if local pain is unrelieved by heaty or if hot water s not available, apply a cold pack or ice 7. if pain persists or is generalised, or if the sting area is large or involves sensitive areas like eyes, dial 000 and seek assistance from lifesavers if available

Stay Safe at Pambula River Mouth

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How beautiful is Pambula River Mouth! We love this location for family friendly fun, however, an outgoing tide carries significant risk to beach users, especially those on inflatables, SUPS and kayaks. If you arte a bystander and spot someone in trouble at the river mouth or any unpatrolled location, please call 000 and ask for police. The NSW Police will liase with our State Operations centre who will task on duty lifesavers or the Pambula SLSC Emergency Call Out Team.


What's On at Pambula SLSC

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Join us this summer: • Dec 29 4-8pm Open Bar Vietnamese Menu • Jan 5 4-8pm Open Bar Live Music by Ashley Bujeya BBQ ribs, corn & spuds • Jan 7 4-8pm Open Bar Live Music by Sam Rodley Bao Buns Peking Pork • Jan 12 4-8pm Open Bar Nacho Night • Jan 14 4-8pm Craft Beer Tasting Event by We Love Craft Beer • Jan 19 4-8pm Open Bar Live Music with Ashley Bujeya • Jan 21 4-8pm Open Bar Vietnamese Menu • Jan 28 4-8pm Open Bar Live Music by Sam Rodley Vietnamese Menu


Join Us at Nippers

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Nippers are back in action Sunday, 14th January. Throw on your high vis vests and strap on your caps, we will see you back on the beach from 8:30am

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